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Uwe Lange

Evershield GmbH
Managing Director


Winfried Wagner
Evershield GmbH
Managing Director

There is damage to concrete in almost every place in the world: on bridges, multi-storey car parks, roads, private houses and many other objects. This is currently an extremely explosive topic. 


In Australia and New Zealand, in Asia such as in countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, but also in Northern Europe such as Norway, the use of Radcon Formula#7® is already the industry standard to make concrete more durable over the long term.


We are absolutely convinced of the immense technical advantages of Radcon Formula#7® and the ease of use. Therefore, after intensive discussions with architects, designers and construction companies, we have decided to introduce the product in Europe as well.

With this product, construction projects can also be fundamentally improved in different aspects or renovations can be simplified.  

Evershield GmbH is officially the exclusive sales partner of the manufacturer Radcrete Pacific Pty Ltd. 

After the founding of Evershield GmbH Germany, Evershield UAE was founded in Dubai and the first representation in Spain, Evershield S.L.


Evershield GmbH, Schwendi

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