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Graffiti protection


Extremely durable one-component coating without a sacrificial layer (= layer that is applied to protect the underlying material and must be reapplied after cleaning) and with excellent protective properties against graffiti contamination.

Graffiti can be easily removed using only water or gentle cleaning agents (e.g. CCM bio-cleaner Biosativa®). Withstands dozens of graffiti attacks.

NOT a temporary semi-permanent graffiti protection based on impregnation.


Main benefits


  • Transparent

  • Permanent system (up to 20 years durability
    and at least 20 x graffiti removal)

  • Graffiti can be removed with cold water and without chemicals

  • Damaged areas can be reworked/repaired.



7626 Graffiti Protection is ideal for locations where graffiti vandalism occurs regularly.

It is quick and easy to use and can be used on almost all surfaces. The protective layer is flexible and graffiti can no longer adhere to the surfaces.


7626 Graffiti Protection is resistant to ALL paints, permanent markers, inks and most acids. Even glued posters/flyers can be easily removed. No residue or shadows remain on the affected surfaces, and the penetration of the lubricating paints into the building surface is prevented.

7626 Graffiti Protection is ideal for use without primer on:


  • Aluminium cladding*

  • Concrete (tunnels, routes, noise barriers and retaining walls, abutments of the pillars of bridge structures, masonry, etc.)

  • glass fiber

  • Glass*

  • Wood

  • Plastic*

  • Masonry (including bricks, natural stone, clinker, marble, stone, tiles, granite)

  • Multi-purpose boxes (distribution boxes)

  • Metal*

  • Steel*

  • Street signs

  • Piece

  • Vinyl siding


*Adhesion to polished and smooth surfaces is not as strong as adhesion to rough or porous surfaces.

Not applicable to Plexiglas®.

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