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Volker Schmelzle

Evershield LLC
Managing Partner


Anne Laurent

Evershield LLC
Kaufmännische Leitung

Volker is a hands on technical manager with extensive construction and industrial projects experience. His technical knowledge, practical approach and team management make projects move efficiently forward.

Having worked for 30 years in the landscape and leisure industry, she enjoys advising consultants, clients and contractors on products bringing durable value, as well as construction and architectural advantages.

In search of an alternative waterproofing to cementitious or membrane systems below the surfacing finish of their aquatic play projects, and coming across Radcon Formula #7, the management of Axendo, a leading specialist in leisure equipment for recreational areas was convinced that the innovative spray applied product could be of interest for the pool and landscape industry, but not only. Relying on the successful past references in the Middle East and benefiting from the synergy with Evershield Germany and the experience of the international partner network of the Australia based manufacturer Radcrete Pacific, they seek with the setup of Evershield Technical Services to reintroduce the effective and innovative waterproofing solution in the UAE. The simplicity of the application, the efficacy, as well as the lower toxicity make it a highly attractive alternative to traditional processes for all projects stakeholders.

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